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Tooth Extractions – Oak Cliff, TX

The Last Resort to Protecting Your Oral Health

A woman holding her cheek in painAt Hampton Dental, it is our goal to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. Maintaining a healthy, natural smile is a goal we want for all our patients, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When a tooth becomes severely decayed or damaged, or should it be necessary to remove teeth that can impact or cause potential harm to other nearby teeth, it’s time to consider your overall oral health and opt for a tooth extraction. Dr. Peramala and her team can carefully remove your tooth with ideal precision, ensuring you heal properly before discussing options for replacing the vacated spot, if necessary. Contact our office for questions or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Peramala.

Do I Need a Tooth Extracted?

A female patient talking to her dentistWhen it comes to determining if you need a tooth extracted, your dentist in Oak Cliff is the only individual who can assess the tooth in question and decide. There are many reasons you might need a tooth extracted, but remember, when it comes to a decayed or damaged tooth, only as a last resort will Dr. Peramala extract a tooth.

Some of the reasons for a tooth extraction include:

Different Types of Tooth Extractions

A wisdom tooth underneath the gum lineTypically, there are two types of tooth extractions: wisdom teeth removal and multiple tooth extractions.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

As a rite of passage, many older teenagers and young adults experience what is known as wisdom teeth removal. These third molars are virtually unnecessary, and if they become impacted, can be extremely painful over time. If they are stuck in your jawbone, you are at an increased risk of developing an infection or tooth decay, and they can even shift your teeth out of alignment.

Dr. Peramala will decide if your wisdom teeth are a real threat to your oral health, and if so, she will remove them. Depending on the status of the teeth, it may require that she make a small incision in the gums and cut the teeth into pieces to successfully remove them.

Multiple Tooth Extraction

From decay to genetics, if you need multiple teeth removed, Dr. Peramala will discuss the entire process, as well as which restorative methods can be used to replace your missing teeth. Why it is important they be replaced? If your bone is left without something to stimulate it, it will begin to deteriorate and wreak havoc on your oral health. Not only can you experience facial collapse, but your teeth can begin to shift or loosen, and you are more vulnerable to gum disease.

Post-Operative Care

A woman restingOnce your teeth are removed, there are steps you should follow in order to heal properly and successfully: