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Smile Makeovers – Oak Cliff, Dallas

We Can Transform Your Smile!

close up woman smiling after smile makeover in Oak Cliff Have you ever flipped through the glossy pages of a magazine and wished you could have a perfect smile like all of the celebrities? In the past, it may have seemed unattainable, but thanks to your cosmetic dentist in Oak Cliff, Dr. Peramala, you can achieve the perfect smile you have always dreamed of having. At Hampton Dental, we offer all kinds of cosmetic services that are designed to fit into virtually anyone’s budget. To get started, contact our skilled and friendly dental team today to schedule your consultation.


What Is a Smile Makeover?

woman giving thumbs up in dental chair A smile makeover is a cosmetic dentistry plan that may combine several different cosmetic, restorative, and even orthodontic treatments to help create your most flawless smile possible. In the majority of cases, a smile makeover consists of many different treatments that will take place over the course of several weeks, months, or even years. Rest assured, though, that the wait will be worth it for the results!


What Treatments Are Included in Smile Makeovers?

Man with hat on smiling Almost any treatment that we offer can be included in a smile makeover plan. The first step in the process will be to address oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. This is because we want your smile to have a solid, healthy foundation to help you attain a smile that will look and feel perfect for years to come. After we treat any health concerns, we’ll look at the cosmetic aspects of your smile that could use some improvement and focus on that. Some of the treatments we may suggest include:


Am I a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Woman in exam chair with shade chart for veneers in front of her In general, if you are unhappy with some aspect of the teeth smiling back at you in the mirror, you might be a good candidate for a smile makeover. As mentioned earlier, though, we will have to make sure your mouth is infection-free before going through with any treatment. Once that has been squared away, we can begin the process of creating a smile you can be proud of.

Are you ready to take your smile from blah to beautiful? Then request an appointment with us today. A smile makeover in Oak Cliff can change your life for the better!

Smile Makeover FAQs

Hand holding question marks about a smile makeover

If you’re ready to transform your teeth and self-esteem, you can reach your goals with a smile makeover. It’s normal to have a few concerns before you’re ready to commit to a treatment, but there’s nothing to fear. We’ll explain everything during your consultation. While you wait for your appointment, we have the answers to a few of the top questions that patients ask us to help ease your nerves.

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How do I know which procedures are right for me?

There isn’t any way to determine with procedures you’ll need without first seeing your cosmetic dentist. We’ll perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and other factors attributed to an attractive smile to create a personalized treatment plan that caters to the results you want. Thanks to modern advancements in dentistry, you have more options than ever to achieve the picture-perfect smile you desire.

How long does it take to complete a smile makeover?

Every treatment is unique. As a result, the timeframe necessary to revitalize your smile varies depending on the procedures required and the complexity of your case. Some procedures can be performed in a single visit, like teeth whitening. Other treatments may require multiple appointments, such as veneers. We’ll explain how long you can expect the process to take during your consultation. We know your time is valuable, which is why our office embraces the latest techniques and technologies to reduce how long you’re in the dental chair without compromising the results you achieve. We are also conveniently located and offer flexible office hours to make it easy to maintain your appointments, so nothing delays your journey to a beautiful smile.

Is a smile makeover expensive?

Cosmetic dentistry is more affordable than many people realize. The cost of your smile makeover is determined by your individualized plan. We will provide you with an estimate during your consultation and explain the fees associated with your treatment. Our office accepts several payment options to keep your dream smile within your budget. Besides traditional payment methods, we also accept third-party financing. You are given the funds you need based on your credit’s approval, which you’ll repay using a schedule that fits your needs. We will help you find the solutions you need to enhance your smile without breaking the bank.

Can I use my dental insurance to pay for my smile makeover?

Unfortunately, most dental plans don’t cover cosmetic dentistry because the procedures are elective; however, there are some exceptions. Many cosmetic and restorative treatments overlap, offering both aesthetic and restorative benefits. Therefore, if a procedure is necessary for your oral health, you may be able to use your dental insurance to offset the amount you pay out-of-pocket, such as a tooth-colored restoration. If applicable, we’ll work on your behalf with your insurance company to file the necessary claim forms to maximize your annual benefits. After reaching your yearly deductible, you may be able to utilize your allowance to lower the cost of certain steps in your smile makeover.